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October 2019 - Ankara



Bayt al-Maqdis, is a region where time and space intersect and where many players and factors in human history have come together in order to create either a synthesis or a contrast in a face-to-face discourse. This characteristic makes it possible to define Jerusalem as the geography of humanity’s common memory. The Colonialist/Zionist occupation that has lasted for more than a century follows a strategy of destroying this memory. This strategy involves an attempt to turn everything about Bayt al-Maqdis into a simulation that will justify the occupation by breaking away from its ontological dimension.


Neglecting or overlooking the past of Bayt al-Maqdis, despite its sizeable historical communities, is an important part of this strategy. Today we see an attempt to erase its history and its past connections in preparation for a future line of occupation. In this context, it is necessary to concentrate on present-day Jerusalem to avoid a perception of reality that is severed from its ontological dimension and does not allow for an independent point of view. This is a human responsibility as well as an academic one.

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